Kelly Norton is a designer and software engineer living in Atlanta, Georgia Surf City, North Carolina. He holds degrees from Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and from the MIT Media Lab where he studied under John Maeda. From 2006–2012, he was a software engineer at Google working on Google Web Toolkit, Speed Tracer, Google Chrome and other stuff. He co-founded Connexxia LLC in 2000 to help universities effectively recruit high school seniors through online social engagement. He was co-founder at Monetology, makers of fine software products Homebase.io and FullStory. He is now engineering some software at Etsy.


SURFING THE CHARLES Earlier this month, I assembled some photos of the Charles River into a time lapse montage. It was a fun project even if it wasn’t very novel. A while back a friend of mine suggested that I write more about the construction of these little projects. I figured I would give that a try even though my expertise is shaky, at best.
nov 2014
A MORNING ON THE CHARLES In 2006, my friend Myoung Lah and a group of housemates set a tripod atop Baker House at MIT and painstakingly moved the camera by hand at regular intervals to produce about 1,000 different photos from 6 distinct angles along the Charles River. I recently stumbled over these images and decided to try to stitch together the photos of sunrise into something interesting.
nov 2014